Modernizing Transportation Companies | Building Custom Technology


CarrierDirect is a Business Strategy Consultant and Technology Services Firm focused on the transportation industry.

Business Strategy Consulting

CarrierDirect provides a full-suite of management consulting services:
  • CarrierDirect’s Strategic Consulting can lead business transformation projects for you, facilitate lasting organizational change, provide accurate insights, and help accelerate your company’s growth.
  • You only pay for results because we already know the transportation industry. Our deep subject matter expertise results from decades of combined transportation experience.
  • We help transportation companies succeed in modern times: Disruptive brokerage seeks fast-track growth; Shipper seeks enhanced freight visibility to improve customer experience; Sophisticated multi-$B logistics companies seek operational expertise to capitalize on excess capacity.
  • Reveal hidden margin. We can help you push through revenue plateaus, increase sales productivity, find lost revenue, and design plans for growth.
  • The client experience is as important as the results of our work. We focus on you so you can focus on customers.
No cookie-cutter nonsense because CarrierDirect is focused only on transportation and logistics

Technology Services

CarrierDirect’s methodology is delivery focused:
  • Your IT team is bootstrapping a dozen projects and your business plan needs to go to market yesterday.
  • Build technology specific to your needs, increasing utilization and ROI. Don’t settle for generalized software.
  • Improve customer visibility or increase collaboration between departments silo’d by legacy technology.
  • Product teams practice scrum agile methodologies. The iterative, rapid-prototype approach gets the best version to-market fast.
  • Scale micro-services components into custom TMS, complete Brokerage Platforms, and enable legacy integrations to simplify user interface.
  • Delivery is paramount. We work quickly so you can focus on freight: Fully scope requirements, capture workflows, and map essential integrations.
  • Full-time, Chicago, IL., based development team includes Product Managers, Engineers, and Senior Developers.
On-Time, On-budget, with velocity that will increase the performance of your development teams
WHAT SETS US APART? CarrierDirect has always worked the vigor of a startup, introducing impactful organizational change and scalable enterprise applications. Our teams’ attention to detail, the quality of work, and velocity with which we deliver, will elevate the performance of your people.
Carrier Direct delivers results that inspire.