CarrierDirect’s experience with asset and non-asset companies, along with our exposure to cutting edge strategies and tactics, allows us to share unbiased opinions about trends within the marketplace

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Change is the Only Constant


In our latest Freight Market Perspective, Change Is The Only Constant, CarrierDirect analyzes the unsettling mix of positive and negative factors in the global economy and its projected effect on the transportation market in 2016. Also included, a special look at Millennials in the workforce.


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Survival of the Smartest


In Survival of the Smartest: Freight’s New Competitive Frontiers, we explore recent economic turmoil and its impact on the supply chain, the marketplace happenings with power to shape tomorrow, and what transportation providers must do in order to beat their competition.


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Eat or Be Eaten


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Outlook for the Transport and Logistics Market

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Mild GDP Growth, M&A, Asset-Light Activity, Brokers Getting Bigger and “Disruptive” Tech Startups


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