Kris Gjemre

Logistics Consultant

As a Logistics Consultant, Kris utilizes his diverse industry background to advise CarrierDirect’s clients on process improvement initiatives and product implementation. Having experience in sales, operations, account management and implementation, Kris provides strategic solutions and real-world application that’s tailored to each individual client.

After beginning his logistics career in sales, Kris was approached by senior leadership to drive a series of new initiatives with a goal of increasing customer retention and organic growth during the tough times of the economic recession. His emphasis on building strategic partnerships and constant need to improve processes helped him develop and pilot programs that have combined to generate over $100 million in revenue annually for a company that grew from $200 million to almost $2 billion during his eight year tenure. He also spent time managing operations teams, high profile client accounts and new client implementations.

Kris is a South Bend, Indiana native who graduated from Indiana University in 2008. His primary vices are sports and politics and he spends the majority of his free time participating in and arguing about both.