Joseph Juhnke

Vice President of Engineering

Joseph Juhnke, Vice President of Engineering at CarrierDirect, has been leading the design and development of digital products for 20 years. Joe’s first notable contribution to the software world was the 1999 information architecture of; the first site to bring 4TB of sensitive customer data to the internet. Joe has led projects including a SaaS application for the IPG’s Geomentum agency to help drive their hyper-local media placement analytics and the retrofit of Nielsen’s vast “Answers” product suite. Joe has also served as principle investigator for DARPA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) projects including “HEADER”, a first responder augmented reality SCBA and “Hunter,” a COTS vision robot designed to precisely command and land humanitarian aid deliveries.

Joe leads the CarrierDirect technology team including overseeing the architecture and build of customer products and ecosystems. Joe specializes in LEAN/MEAN MVP applications development practices using SDLC best practices to build desired products with agility.

Joe is fascinated by and constantly exploring the human condition and how technology can support and encourage growth. Building upon his roots in art, communication, technology, music, and engineering, Joseph believes that technology can only be great when it is supported by insightful design that discourages intrusiveness and emphasizes relevance.

Joseph is also is a licensed private pilot in the United States of America and an avid runner and snowboarder.